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neck nerve painIt is not very often you get the chance to make instant use of a medical breakthrough, but Nerve Renew can help you to do just that. As it is a natural product, it is not subject to the intense screening and testing that conventional medications have to go through. It can take up to ten years to launch a new medication to treat painful conditions such as neck nerve pain. That is no good to the sufferers of the condition at all. In the meantime, you are likely to be trying all sorts of treatments or even start to take anti-inflammatory drugs. Why not use the best natural treatment from the start? Lets take a closer look at Nerve Renew.


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Who Could Benefit from Nerve Renew?

Painful, or inflammatory conditions, are becoming more and more common in the Western World. Some of the conditions are greatly affected by diet, but the way we produce food also has a lot to do with it. It may seem hard to believe, but you neck nerve pain or your shoulder nerve pain, may be a direct result of poor diet through no fault of your own.

The food that we eat today is chronically short of the vitamins which come from the vitamin B group. The vitamins within this group used to be thought of as one vitamin, but now we know that they are all stand alone vitamins, and there are even different types of the same B vitamin. A good example of that would be vitamin B1 which is found in the neuropathy support formula Nerve Renew.

If, you are suffering from nerve pain in leg, or would like to know how to relieve sciatic nerve pain,  Nerve Renew neuropathy support formula could help you.

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Unlike anti-inflammatory drugs, Nerve Renew formula does not rely on aspirin or codeine to lower your pain response. Instead of offering a short term solution, Nerve Renew offers a long term sustainable solution. The side effects of long term use of anti-inflammatory drugs are well known, and in themselves, they can cause health problems such as headaches and stomach upsets. You may even end up treating a condition caused by the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

The truth is that you don't really want to do that. You need a long term solution that works, and with its unique combination of vitamins and herbs, Nerve Renew formula does just that.

What Makes Nerve Renew Effective?

Why You Should Go For A Neuropathy  Support Formula Like Nerve Renew?

Support formulas such as Nerve Renew work totally different from conventional medications. They both treat the condition, and work together with your body to keep make it healthier. Nerve pain in in neck is often associated with an injury, but it can also be caused by a lack of vitamin B1.

There are two different forms of this B vitamin, and in the Nerve Renew formula, B1 in the form benfotiamine is the main ingredient. In this form, B1 becomes some what more bio available, and it means that it can go to work quicker in the body. The trick is to get your body to believe that the medication that you are taking is food. Most conventional drugs contain buffers to trick the body into believing this, but natural remedies do not need to do so. The body simply recognizes them as food, and will start to absorb them immediately.

That is the main reason why you should go for a support formula instead of a conventional solution.

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Why Is Absorption So Important?

When you are suffering from shoulder nerve pain, or neck nerve pain, it is important to start to treat the condition as fast as possible. Some compounds go to work faster than others, and vitamin B1 in the form of benfotiamine, is a good example.

When we use natural compounds, absorption will start quicker, and at the same time levels of the compound will increase within the body. This means that treatment of your painful condition has started, and explains why absorption is so important.

Combination Treatments – Do They Work?

Yes, combination treatments work better than stand alone treatments, and they are also more cost effective. When you are suffering from any kind of nerve pain such as neck nerve pain, your doctor is likely to recommend long term use of vitamin B supplements, or even injections.

Both are very expensive, and finding a good quality vitamin B formula is very difficult. Patients requiring this kind of treatment often invest in several stand alone supplements. You may find that you take one supplement of B1, another one of B6 and yet another vitamin D to help you to manage your condition. It works out very expensive and often less effective.

Most vitamins such as vitamin B work together, and are in fact useless without one another. This is why it is so difficult to eat to control a neurological disorder like as neuropathy or sciatica. It is far better to take a neuropathy support formula such as Nerve Renew.

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Vitamin B – Why Is It So Important?vitamin b1

This is the one group of vitamins which helps us to keep our nervous system healthy. Other vitamins such as vitamin D come into play as well, but let's say that the B vitamins do most of the work.

Vitamin B1 can help to “heal” damaged nerves, and this leads to a reduction in nerve pain. It some cases, vitamin B1 has been shown to help to generate new nerve cells. This is why Nerve renew contains a staggering 300 mg of vitamin B1. By the way, don't worry about taking too much of this vitamin. What your body does not use will be removed by the lymphatic system.

Vitamin B2 is needed to ensure the release of energy from food. But, that is not its only function in the body. Without vitamin B2, its best friend vitamin B6 cannot function or do its job.

Vitamin B6 is associated with energy, and the release of energy in the cells. It is also very important when it comes to healthy neuro pathways. In other words, this vitamin helps cells, especially nerve cells, to communicate much better.

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It is clear to see that the entire group of B vitamins are very nervous system focused, and to improve the health of your nervous system, you need to make sure that you get a daily intake of the entire group. However, if you have a specific problem such as nerve pain in leg, or nerve pain in neck, it is a good idea to increase your intake of certain vitamins within the group.neck nerve pain

Vitamin D and Nerve Pain

It wasn't until fairly recently that we realized that vitamin D can help to control nerve pain as well. It is normally called the “sunshine vitamin”. A few years ago it was discovered that people with nerve damage, or suffering from nerve pain, felt better when they spent time in the sun. At first it was thought that it was the heat of the sun that made them feel better, but it was in fact a side effect of vitamin D.

As luck would have it, it turns out that vitamin D activates the micro mineral phosphorus which is found within the body. One of its main function is to control nerve pain, and even heal damaged nerves. As vitamin D is produced naturally by the body when we are out in the sun, the production of phosphorus also increases. This is one of the reasons so many suffers of nerve pain in its many forms, feel better for hours after a walk in the sunshine.

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Why Does Nerve Renew Contain Herbs?

Healing with herbs is an ancient art form, and nerve pain is often a result of some kind of inflammation which results in pain. This can be caused by damage to the sciatic nerve or any nerve in the body. However, the most common form of inflammation resulting in nerve pain, is often noticed in nerve pain in leg or nerve pain in neck.

There are some herbs that are more useful when it comes to treating nerve pain than others. This is the main reason they can be found in Nerve Renew neuropathy support formula.

Feverfew should not be ignored as an anti-inflammatory herb, it can help both with nerve pain and joint pain resulting from an injury or neuropathy. In ancient times it was drunk as a tea, or used as a poultice. In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have been taken a look at Feverfew, and found that it has potent pain relieving qualities. A form of  salicylic acid van be found in Feverfew. Of course, salicylic acid  makes up the basis of most modern pain killing medications such as aspirin.

All forms of salicylic can help to heal neuro pathways and reduce in inflammation within all cells of the body. It is even safe for animals, and Feverfew added to an elderly dog's drinking water, will help to reduce joint inflammation. It does exactly the same thing in human without causing any serious side effects.

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Oat Straw extract is important when it comes to treating skin conditions associated with neuropathy and nerve pain. Unfortunately, itchy, or “crawling” skin is often a sign of nerve damage. Oat straw (Avena Sativa) is more commonly used in Indian medicine but is now more often being seen in Western medicine. It is also associated with reducing pain, or nerve pain, in the bottom or soles of the feet.

Passion Flower extract is an excellent remedy for stress, and helps to relax muscles. As we know, our muscles are jam packed with nerve fibers and cells. This can lead to focused muscle pain, and sometimes it is very difficult to ascertain, if a patient is suffering from muscle or nerve pain.

It can also help to reduce anxiety which is important when it comes to treating nerve pain. The more anxious you are, the more in pain you are going to be.

Skullcap extract has recently been associated with the treatment of a range of neurological disorders from severe nerve damage to the common condition sciatica. Knowing how to relieve sciatic nerve  pain is not the easiest thing in the world. The active ingredient in Skullcap extract, baicalin, can help to reduce swelling  Not only will extract of skullcap help to treat nerve pain, but it will also help you to breathe better. Breathing better means improved oxygen uptake which in turns help to reduce cramps, muscle spasms and nerve pain.

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Is Nerve Renew Safe To Take Long Term?

Yes, this is a remedy which is completely safe to take long term. You don't need to worry about investing in any other remedies or treatments to help you to manage your nerve pain. As it is packed with a range of compounds which are all easy to absorb,  Nerve Renew can go to work quickly, and you will be able to experience positive results and effects.

What Are the Positive Effects of Nerve Renew?neck nerve pain

Most people who suffer from nerve pain, or neuropathy perhaps caused by Type 2 Diabetes, have a less than active lifestyle. Unfortunately this is a vicious circle. The less active you are, the worse your nerve pain is likely to become.

Of course, if you suffer from neuropathy as a result of Type 2 Diabetes, your doctor will tell you that you need to get active. That is easy for him or her to say, as they are not the person in pain. But, your doctor is right. Neuropathy is all about helping yourself and making lifestyle changes which will help to reduce the effects of the condition.

The positive results, or side effects of Nerve Renew, are that you will experience less pain, and therefore want to become more active. Once you start to reduce pain and inflammation within the body, you will feel better and want to become more active. You may found that you are ready to get on that bike again, want to take the dog for a longer walk or even find yourself on the golf course playing 18 holes again.

If, that is the kind of positive side effects you are looking for, you should not hesitate to invest in the  Nerve Renew neuropathy support formula. Take your Nerve Renew first thing in the morning without a hot drink, and enjoy feeling healthier and PAIN FREE!

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Nerve Pain FAQ

There is plenty of information on this site at this link
Damage can occur to nerves in your brain and spinal cord. It can also occur in the peripheral nerves, which are located throughout the rest of your body.
Wherever you are suffering nerve pain be in the neck or shoulder or you are looking for sciatic nerve pain relief, Nerve Renew will help.
You can certainly get some help from nerve renew but read more here

What is Sciatica Anyway?

The largest nerve in a person's body, the sciatic nerve is naturally prone to different types of conditions that can lead to sciatic nerve pain or sciatica. A person suffering from sciatica may experience varying degrees of pain shooting down from the buttocks and spreading to the lower legs, sometimes even affecting the feet and the toes.
Although many people consider sciatic pain as an illness, it is actually just a symptom of an underlying condition. One proven condition which can cause sciatica is what we call Piriformis Syndrome. This type of condition occurs when the piriformis muscle, which is located partly in the pelvis and partly at the back of the hip joint, exerts pressure on the sciatic nerve therefore causing a tingling sensation and pain in the affected areas.
Though not as serious perhaps as a herniated disk, Piriformis Syndrome causing sciatic pain can however cause intolerable discomfort to the one experiencing it. A lot of exercises and stretches are recommended for the people suffering from this condition, and most of them have been proven effective in relieving the pain.

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Many people sit with one ankle crossed over their other knee, and this is a great way to stretch the piriformis muscle and relieve sciatic nerve pain as it diverts the pressure from the inflamed nerve. Once in that position, try bending forward at the waist as far as you can tolerate it, and you can immediately feel the stretching of the muscles. Massaging the lower back after a long drive or after standing for long periods of time also helps to lessen sciatica. There are a lot of massagers that can be used at home which almost have the same effect as a therapeutic massage.
Another thing that you can consider is investing in a good bed that can help you minimize or eliminate sciatic nerve pain. People suffering from sciatica lose sleep because of the pain, so you should consider lying on a bed that can help you relax the muscles in the lower back area where the sciatic nerve is located. An excellent foam mattress will evenly distribute the pressure to different parts of the body when lying down, instead of being concentrated on the lower back. There are also adjustable beds that allow you to recline the legs or head to divert the pressure from the sciatic nerve, therefore giving the comfort of a good night's sleep even if you're suffering from sciatic pain.

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Then of course there are the natural nerve pain relievers like Nerve Renew and the natural compounds found in Nerve Renew as discussed earlier in this article have seen some proven results. It is worth taking a look at Nerve Renew even if you try out stretching and changing your bed. A combined approach to pain is often the best and as Nerve Renew is derived from completely natural compounds it will not do you any harm. In fact studies carried out by the manufacturers showed very good results and in their clinical studies they contacted users by email and asked them to complete a survey. There was no compensation offered and ip addresses were logged to ensure there was no duplication. The identities of the respondents were not provided to the researchers. The respondents themselves had varying degrees of nerve damage and 450 people responded to the request and filled out the survey.  Four out of five users reported a lessening of symptoms related to nerve damage. The causes of the users nerve pain varied across a wide range of underlying causes. Plus and very helpfully, , 94% of users had no reportable side effects from using Nerve Renew and under 6% had only mild side effects, thus confirming for this group at least, Nerve Renew was of help and side effects practically non existent.

In addition there have been numerous studies carried out into the individual ingredients found in Nerve Renew which help to support the contention that this combination therapy will work for many people suffering from sciatic nerve pain and indeed other forms of nerve pain. Nerve Renew can help allieviate the debilitating consequences of chronic nerve pain and as a natural pain reliever with minimal side effects is worth considering.

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